Beautifully, and wonderfully, yoga has become a house hold name. Yay. 
With infinite ways to explore and engage in yoga, here in our sessions we infuse in gentle, core strengthening Hatha Yoga, while restoring & renewing in all ways available for us through accessing all branches of yoga. 
This becomes a multi-dimensional experience accessing and dialoging with various aspects of our selves, while moving, while dialoguing, while creating, and imagining. We complete our sessions grounded, expanded, more aware, and able to navigate whatever might come up for our attention, renewed in vision, and able to step forward in our lives of purpose & soul passion.
Nectar Core Yoga - accessing the inherent inner pharmacy of the mind-body-spirit through engaging enigmatic gently core strengthening movement, meditative in nature and focus, creative in its expression and where the inspired channeled series leads and completes for the best and highest good for each individual present and the group as a whole. 
Yoga Alchemy - this is for the embodied soul who wishes to explore to the very limits of their existence while well engaged in an organic lifestyle of service through the vehicle of their en purpose path.
Yoga Continuum - these sessions weave the tapestry of inner to outer worlds and into daily life normalizing what it is to express and live an awakened life.