To express is literally to let go of something, to exhale, to make emotion into sound and thereby into form. When we hold back our own authentic expression, we are literally blocking our energy, our flow. Allowing for expression in healthy ways is one of the most important practices we can have.
In each session, no matter what the intention, safety in self-expression, expressing to discover alignment + inner truths, and authentic expression, is completely encouraged.
Quite often through expression, deep inner knowledge is accessed. And also quite often, that inner knowing seeks to share its truth with you through creativity, writing, nature, photography, a particular art form that has been calling you, and/or one that may have been shelved long ago. In this expression in whatever form natural to you, there can be a sense of more space to breathe, an uplifting feeling in your whole being, just 'feeling better', more energy, a sense of relief to put down the mountain and allow what wants to flow, flow. And in this flow, next steps in life, and perspective, can become easier to navigate and more clear while accessing a deeper sense of existing and meaning.