When we feel better, and feel more like 'ourselves' we're more able to achieve our goals, carry forward our visions, and find creative solutions to that which life places on our paths.
Movement can get those juices flowing that enable creative 'ah-ha' moments to arise that reveals just the right solution to that design idea, or relationship challenge, or next step on the visionary path, or the person who we should reach out to for our next career goal, how to begin that project, how to complete a chapter, and infinitely whatever else we might be otherwise contemplating, imagining, or wrestling with.
As we unwind, strengthen, stretch, so can our minds & spirits. The world seems a little safer, our communities a bit friendlier, and those projects, goals, and otherwise seemingly impossible solutions a bit more within our reach.
With creative movement and play, we can achieve a new perspective and go beyond ourselves just a bit and look back within seeing in new light all that we are able to create.