R E I K I  &  H E A L I N G
In these present times, we are able to access much information on the web sharing exclusive renderings of the supportive methods of energy healing. Energy medicine is an ancient practice. Seers are well versed in the benefits of bringing the mind-body-spirit to its zone(s) of relaxation. Science is catching up with tracking these observations.
Reiki is the universal lucid healing essence of life and love. Gentle and powerful, it can bring a deep state of relaxation where the body-mind-spirit can access energetic supports to generate its ability to heal. 
This kind of support is an excellent preventative practice, and a complimentary practice to medical treatment. It can work on animals, spaces, situations, relationships, nature, projects, career, intentions, crystals, music, creativity, on and on...
Sessions are as effective through distance healing, as they are in person, and as strong with an individual as with a group.
Additional energy modalities can be safely integrated through the inclusive field of Reiki.