Clearing energy within us and around us as a regular practice can support our health, emotions, finances, and environment.
As we are energetic beings in essence, and as all begins and ends with energy, we can maintain and optimize our well-being with energy supports, as well as support the healing process through clearing blockages, and that which may no longer serve us.
Clearing can also open doors to help us to better understand the past, relationships, repetitive experiences, chronic conditions, and other life time experiences. Clearing energy can also enhance perspective to reveal our life purpose, what steps would be best to engage in next, our deeper truths, including the value of forgiveness, how to find compassion, our emotional palate, soul gifts, what might be in our best interest, what our body would prefer to eat, what a situation could be telling us, and so on...
Understanding what our own individual energetic 'flavor' - that place where our energetic field begins and ends, among the endless outside influences, can help support alignment, clarity, and access to our own insights, truths, renewing abilities, and inner compass. 
With the attitude of clearing for more of what we might like to have in our life experience, vs. clearing just to 'protect' our energy, this intention creates a space to make room for more of what we desire for ourselves, loved ones, life, nature, world, etc., in a field for a nourishing flowing grounded and expanded navigable life experience.