C R E A T I V E  P R O J E C T
Carrying forward the vision for a client is an immense responsibility and can be completely fulfilling too. In order to understand what the vision is, clarifying communication is paramount. The visionary must also understand his/her vision. 
Clarifying the vision and creating a mission statement with a strong ancillary intention can be the vehicle for smooth successful creative projects and endeavors. 
Flexibility, self-confidence, open communication, budgeting, conflict resolution, reasonable timelines, and enough edge to keep it 'real' are key ingredients to successful projects. Adding in the self-care and healthy boundaries ensures a sustainable pace and thereby thwarting the ever lurking burn-out overachievers, visionaries, artists, and healers can face. 
Creative projects call on all aspects of us, and can be a wonderful ride to optimal results with celebration awaiting at its completion, launch, follow-up and review.